Let your transport to and from the airport be with an airplane taxi - it is simple, easy and comfortable. We pick you up at and bring you to your private or your company address.
However, the booking must take place at least 3 hours before air plane departure. At a later booking, taxi must be contacted directly.

Airplane taxi drives with maximum 3 stops to / from the booked address and the airport. Transportation is maximum 3 passengers in ordinary cabs and maximum 7 passengers in mini busses.
At airport arrival please contact the driver standing with a sign saying: "Struer Taxi - Fly Taxi".
 Price: 475,00 Dkr. per person *
             300,00 Dkr. Each person by 2 persons  
             225,00 Dkr. Each person by 3 persons
 *No discount for children. Unaccompanied children are not accepted.

Airplane taxi - simple, easy and convenient...

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