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A Booking:
The easy way to order a taxa. You receive our A-book phone number + the adjacent "personal code" which you dial on your phone. You will then be informed about your waiting time until the Taxa arrives at your address.
Only companies or employees at companies who require calling duty can use "A Booking".


Fixed price fares:
At the moment we offer our famous Copenhagen tour: "Take a taxa from Struer to the Copenhagen Central City Square".

4 passenger car 4.250 Dkr.*

  6 -8 passenger car 5.100 Dkr*

 * Incl. bridge fee, 3 hours waiting and return trip.

It is easy and comfortable, you can prepare for your meeting on your way there or just enjoy the ride!
If the meeting requires more than 3 hours of waiting it costs only 200 Dkr. per extra hour.


Besides that, we can offer you many other "single tours" to every other place in the country.
Please contact us for an offer for your next transport.

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